Kens Race Engines is a company that focuses on quality work and parts. We specialize in building Honda engines but also have experience with Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Mazda engines as well. Every engine that is built is executed with flawless precision and high quality parts to guarantee a long lasting top of the line engine for your car. With tedious hours and care spent for each job Kens Race Engines has built a respected reputation for our amazing work. You can see us in many race events from California to New York. We are located in Southern California and have engines sent to our facility locally and out of state. When an engine block is sent in we immediately begin our process by professionally communicating with our clients on what type of engine they are looking for. Once we have acknowledged the engine that is needed to be built we begin working on the engine with care and profession unlike any other.

Ken Rodcharoen

Ken is the engine builder and co-owner at Kens Race Engines and is the one who builds engines with precision and care. With experience and knowledge gained from building drag, road race and street engines. He will know what your engine needs.

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Jon Rodcharoen

Jon is the co-owner and is the visionary of Kens Race Engines. Deciding to take a huge leap forward in 2015, he decided to leave his job and start his own business that is now Ken’s Race Engines with his brother Ken.

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